Services & Products

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Backflow Prevention   Backflow Prevention
Inspections and testing.
We are certified in cross connections and backflow prevention.
Fire Alarm   Fire Alarms
Inspections, maintenance, repairs and replacement.
Sprinkler   Sprinklers
Inspections, maintenance and replacement of wet and dry sprinkler systems, including glycol and special applications.
Fire Extinguisher   Fire Extinguishers
Inspections and maintenance of 2.5 lb to 20 lb fire extinguishers, including special applications extinguishers.
Emergency Lighting   Emergency Lighting
Inspection and maintenance of emergency lighting.
Many sizes of emergency lighting packs to fit your needs.
Combo packs of emergency lighting and exit signs.
Fire Hose   Fire Hoses
Inspection, testing and maintenance.
New hoses available in 75 foot and 100 foot lengths.
Installation of new cabinets.
Fire Hydrant   Fire Hydrants
Inspection services and repairs.
Global System Monitoring   Global Systems Monitoring
Installation with monitoring contract.
Switch over to Global Systems Monitoring (GSM).